Tyrosinase Inhibitors

Daisy Flower Extract

This naturally sourced ingredient is highly effective in clinical studies, demonstrating the same lightening properties as 2% hydroquinone, but It is gentle enough that it will not over dry the skin.  This powerful flower extract influences different pathways associated with melanin formation, which also gives it an edge in lighteners available in cosmetic formulations seen today.    

Alpha Arbutin

Extracted from the bearberry leave, this plant-based hydroquinone has potent tyrosinase inhibiting properties but is more stable and creates less sensitivities in the skin.  Perfect when blended with other natural lighteners to deliver a brighter, more even complexion.   

Kojic Acid

Derived from Japanese mushrooms or a by-product in the production of sake, this naturally occurring ingredient is popular among those looking to brightening and lighten pigmented areas on the skin.  This impressive tyrosinase inhibitor has been safely used for years in those struggling with uneven skin tone and “age” spots. 

Azelaic Acid

A natural tyrosinase inhibiting ingredient that does more than just leave the skin with a lighter and brighter complexion.  This ingredient also helps reduce inflammation in the skin, a must-have for those struggling with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH.  Ideal when used in conjunction with other tyrosinase inhibitors. 


One of the most recognizable skin lightening ingredients available in cosmeceutical formulations today.  This powerful tyrosinase inhibitor prevents suppresses melanin production, resulting in a fading of pigmented areas and an overall lighter skin tone.  Use in proper % and length of time is important for results.