Pigmentation Solutions Facial

Reduce pigmentation and brighten skin tone with intense flower extracts, cellular repairing stem cells and growth factors in this corrective facial, ideal for all forms of pigmentation.  Skin is strengthened, hydrated and restored to an overall healthy radiance! 

Melanin Suppressant Facial

Lighten and brighten skin with our pigment reduction enzyme and unique brightening ingredients.  Increase cellular repair with nourishing antioxidants and stem cells, while balancing hydration.  Skin is smooth, refined and radiant! 

C-Awaken Facial

Awaken the skin for a luminous glow!  Allow the power of Vitamin C and melanin-suppressing enzymes bring life to dull, sun-induced pigmented skin.  Increase surface exfoliation, while lightening, brightening and hydrating the skin potent flower extracts and reparative stem cells and growth factors.  Skin is hydrated and glowing! 

Lyco Melanin Facial

Let the synergy of lycopene, inflammation-reducing and super brightening agents do all the work for inflammatory pigmentation.  This corrective facial will help reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and textural scarring concerns left behind from one-time acne lesions.  Skin is brightened and renewed, while texture is softened and refined!