Building & Strengthening Serums

Stem Bright C

The power of Vitamin C and stem cells helps repair cellular damage, while boosting skin’s immunity and collagen synthesis, revealing a hydrated, brighter and firmer complexion. 

Peptide Bright C

Give skin a potent dose of Vitamin C and peptides to help increase antioxidant protection, lighten discolorations and reveal a more radiant, healthy glow.

Vita-Bright Elixir

Give your skin a dose of vitamins!  A multi-vitamin for the skin that promotes nourishing and brightening while revitalizing and restoring skin cells.

Grape Seed Glow

A lightweight, nourishing serum that increases hydration and cellular protection in environmentally damaged skin. 

Oceanic Vitality Serum

A potent pigment-reducing vitality serum using the power of brown algae to inhibit tyrosinase and melanocyte activity and bisabolol to infuse skin with antioxidant protection and lightening support for younger-looking, radiant skin.