To see a change in pigmentation a series of treatments and pigmentation-focused home care, usually over a period of 90-days will be the answer. 


Begin with a pigmentation-focused home care.  This allows the skin to be introduced to potent melanogenesis inhibiting ingredients, like Daisy Flower Extract, Kojic Acid, L-Arbutin and prepares the skin for upcoming treatment plan.


Next, we turn our attention to treatments and concentrate on surface exfoliation along with melanocyte suppression, cellular repair, lightening and brightening.  A combination of corrective facials utilizing powerful enzymes, repairing and nourishing serums and masks will begin this transformation process.


Peels are an important treatment when dealing with sun-induced pigmentation and some melasma.  Speed up the results both the client and professional are looking for!  We use a combination of Flower Acids, TCA’s and Vitamin A to help boost brightening and surface exfoliation.  Peels may range from progressive to mid-depth, depending on the skin needs and client compliance.


To learn more about a specific treatment path for your unique needs, please contact a specially-trained skin care practitioner.  To find a location nearest you click here.